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Cherry picker vehicle
Cherry picker vehicle

Midland Commercial Environmental Services Ltd (M.C.E.S.) was originally formed in 1978 to provide high quality maintenance services aligned to consultancy and design support of the maintenance team and the property managers to whom the company is contracted.

Our aim is not only the pursuance of high quality equipment maintenance but full appraisal of our client’s services asset in terms of age, reliability, operation and efficiency coupled to forward planning and cost management of those systems in order to preserve these assets at maximum value.

The Director’s experience over forty years in the maintenance industry has been that often a property’s services asset, following comprehensive appraisal, falls well short of the original capital cost and intended design and/or performance criteria. Poor maintenance, lack of appreciation for system operation and generally poor asset management often contributes to a general state of disrepair. Our forte has been to redress that situation and maintain or even improve the capital asset for the property manager.

There is no substitute for good maintenance, professional support and good management in maintaining the property owner’s asset particularly in the current world of increasing legislation that now governs the operation of modern commercial property. It is to this aim that our company is dedicated.

We hope therefore, in choosing our organisation to work in partnership with your own, that sound benefits can be achieved from the ideals that we set for ourselves. Many property managers and/or their agents will testify from experience to the huge benefits that can be achieved through such a partnership.

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